Gott nytt år och allt annat obligatoriskt skitprat.

Årets sämsta film, grattis Sverige.

Hej vad det går bland tuttar och lår.

You hade me at hello ♥

Jag måste ha varit snäll i år.

Min jul med alla möjliga händelser.

Thoughts I've always had here are stuck inside my head.


When I see your face, there´s not a thing that I would change.

In all my dreams It's never quite as it seems

Wanties for next generation ♥


Suddenly my rain turns into sunshine.

Välkommen vecka 20 ♥

"Hallå, Mamma Mu? Är det du? MUUUUU"

I believe in miracles since you came along

Every moment we share together is even better than the moment before

I won't ever give up of something that's so strong

To make you feel my love.

Under the covers stayin´ safe and warm, you give me feelings that I adore.

You make me wanna smile even on a cloudy day.

Dra in magen så jag kommer förbi och fram.

Och du som var tunn som ett hyvelfli, nu har du blitt fet som en julagris

I promise to treat you like my leathers and ride you as much as my harley.

Cause everything's so wrong and I don't belong

TAKO Captiva duo.

Jag har blivit med kudde.

What about Jonah Mowry?

Välkommen vecka 18 ♥

I hope you have fun, the near and the dear one.

Listen when I call you ladies, you dont have to trust a man.

När alla bitar faller på plats och skapar någon slags magi för stor att förklara.

Living in a fast food bag, making friends with the ketcup and salt.

This Christmas will be, a very special christmas for me.

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